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Posted by aina08 on April 17, 2008

Menurut tafsir Hanafi, barang siapa hafal dan mengamalkan tujuh kalimat , ia terpandang mulia di sisi Allah dan Malaikat serta diampuni dosa-dosanya walau sebanyak buih-buih laut.


1-     Mengucap  Bismillah pada tiap-tiap hendak melakukan sesuatu

2-     Mengucap  Alhamdulillah  pada tiap-tiap selesai melakukan sesuatu

3-     Mengucap Astagfirullah jika lidah terselip perkataan yang tidak patut

4-     Mengucap Insya Allah jika merencanakan membuat sesuatu di hari esok

5-     Mengucap  La haula wala kuwata illa  billah jika menghadapi sesuatu tak disukai dan tak diingini

6-     Mengucap inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun jika menghadapi dan menerima musibah

7-     Mengucap La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah sepanjang siang malam sehingga tak terpisah dari lidahnya.


Mudah-mudahan ingat dan  amalkan. Walaupun sikit-sikit lama-kelamaan menjadi kebiasaan. Semoga menjadi amalan seharian.


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Life in Village Better Than Life in City

Posted by aina08 on April 15, 2008

A village is clustered human settlement or community, larger than hamlet, but smaller than a town or city. Though generally located in rural areas, the term urban village may be applied to certain urban neighborhoods. Village are normally permanent, with fixed dwellings, however, transient village can occur. Further, the dwellings of a village are fairly close to one another, as against being scattered broadly over the landscape (dispersed settlement).

Villages have been the usual form of community for societies that practice subsistence agriculture, and even for some non-agricultural societies. Towns and cities were few, and were home to only a small proportion of the population. The Industrial Revolution caused many villages to grow into towns and cities; this trend of urbanization has continued, though not always in connection with industrialization. Villages have thus been eclipsed in importance, as units of human society and settlement.

            The term kampung in the English language has been defined specifically as “a Malay hamlet or village in a Malay-speaking country” [5] In other words, a kampung is defined today as a village in Brunei, Indonesia or Malaysia. In Malaysia, a kampung is determined as a locality with 10,000 or less people. Since historical times, every Malay village came under the leadership of a penghulu (village chief), who has the power to hear civil matters in his village (see Courts of Malaysia for more details). A Malay village typically contains a “masjid” (mosque) or “surau” (Muslim chapel), stilt houses and paddy fields. Malay and Indonesian villagers practice the culture of helping one another as a community, which is better known as “joint bearing of burdens” (gotong royong), as well as being family-oriented (especially the concept of respecting one’s family particularly the parents and elders, courtesy and believing in God (“Tuhan”) as paramount to everything else. It is common to see a cemetery near the mosque, as all Muslims in the Malay or Indonesian village want to be prayed for, and to receive Allah‘s blessings in the afterlife.

            Life in village more peace than life in city. The weather in village interest with green plants, wet paddy-field and a birds chirp sound. The environment in village not busy such as in city and clean from pollution. The village’s peoples life in community and cooperation in make activity. They have good attitude as polite, friendly, very close with other people. 

Lifestyle them limited and hold the principle to religion.  At night the children go to mosque or teacher house to reading Al-Quran and learn about Islam.  Learn in village, does not to pay fee. The purpose of teacher is just for educate the children for successful in life and do good people to parents, and other people.

According for Mariana Mohamad, 24, life in village get more advantages. I am village dweller and I feel comfortable and peace lives in village because it is has not factories, not busy with transports and clean from pollution sound, air ,water and others. I think life in village safer than life in city.  The security at village more ensured.

At the same time I can eat fresh food, for example vegetable, fruit, fish and others, I can get all from farmer and fisherman with easy and the price very cheap.

I feel calm, happy and I like live in village because the community cooperation in make activity, example when has wedding ceremony, they are joint bearing of burdens until finish, says Mariana.

Interim Nurul Wahidah Shariffudin, 24, says, life in village peaceful, and has not crime. So dweller will safe and live in happy without stress such as the people who live in city. 

The urbanites always feel stress, tension with the work and environment. When they are having any problem, they are goes to entertainment place to enjoy and release tension and enjoy themselves together friends.  Lifestyle them more to western style. The boys and girls associate without border. They think enjoyment the main in life. The urbanites more too social life and have negative attitude. For example this case is teenagers; they are having not nice behavior, and become gangster.

Standard of living in city very high compare with life in village, so they are feeling difficult to saving money despite high employ.  They are need to clever in management and usage a money in life themselves at city. The price of food very expensive, whereas at village very cheap, says her.

Live in village nice, good, and more advantages but it is get disadvantages. At village less public convenience to village-dweller and it limited.

For example a public transport, this matter will cause problem of village-dweller to exit town and go back to home. Beside that, line of a handset also less and difficult to message or call other people where living far from village. At city complete with public convenience and easy to get it anytime.

            The village-dweller very good person, friendly, closes with all people but some of them have bad attitude. They are like to care problem other people. For the boys, they are like seat in coffee shop and talk any matter until evening without work. Although, they are narrow-mind not wanting to accept news ideas and the opinions of other people if they are not the same as your own. And then they are just focus to one item without alert to outside. This case causes them become backward, says Farah Nadia Harun.

            Live in city also have advantages and disadvantages to self. They need determine themselves. In city have more chance to work to them and the perception the money very important today and without money the people cannot alive in the world.  For example the parents more busy until don’t have time to with children. So their children will go out home to enjoy together friends.        Sometimes live in city very bad because the teenagers trapped to social phenomenon, as bad attitude and take the drug without parent’s knowledge.

            According Nazihah Abd Raub, 24, says, I think live in village and city is same don’t have different. For their whom like to life in bustle, they choose city and like to peace, deserted, calm they will choose village. For example some of people choose go to work at village because environment not busy, good dweller, polite and friendly. The standard of living in village very cheap and can saving their money. At village can eat fresh food and delicious without afraid to danger ailment. 

            Living in city very danger and need to take care own self.  Any crime occur at the city, for example steal, rob, assassinate and other crime. The security in city not ensured.    

            Many people from village and move to city and become urbanites. The village wreath very nice. When   hari raya all people go back to village and not complete if don’t return to village. At the time, the joyful wreath. Body language of village-dweller very nice than urbanites. They have polite, and duty to self and other people. Actually live in village calmer and better than live in city.



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Badan Sihat Minda Cergas

Posted by aina08 on April 15, 2008

Badan Sihat Minda Cergas


NILAI – “Kesihatan tubuh badan sangat penting untuk membina generasi yang sihat dan sejahtera.”Itulah kata-kata Nazira Husin, 41, seorang pengguna produk Herbalife.

“Dahulu ahli keluarga saya tidak sihat, pelbagai cara saya usahakan dan banyak produk digunakan, tetapi semuanya tidak berhasil. Setelah kami mencuba produk Herbalife kami sermua kembali normal dan boleh melakukan sebarang aktiviti dengan baik,” katanya.

Beliau membuka gerai Herbalife di Stadium Tertutup Nilai sempena Konvesyen Keusahawanan Islam (ICEP) 2008. Ramai pelajar dan pengunjung datang membuat pemeriksaan kesihatan tubuh badan. Setiap seorang dikenakan RM2.

Menurut  Raja Hasanah Raja, 22, seorang pelajar USIM yang membuat pemeriksaan kesihatan di gerai Herbalife berkata, “saya dapati  tahap kesihatan saya berada di tahap yang sederhana , dan ada potensi untuk mendapat penyakit. Selepas membuat pemeriksaan, baru saya tahu diri saya yang sebenar.

            “Saya sedar bahawa diri saya berada di tahap demikian. Ini mungkin kerana faktor pemakanan yang saya ambil tidak seimbang dan kurang bersenam. Saya berazam untuk mengubahnya dan tidak mahu hidup di dalam penyakit.”

Sementara Alifah M.fadzlillah, 22, berkata, “pemeriksaan kesihatan sangat penting kepada diri kita. Selepas membuat pemeriksaan saya dapat mengetahui berat badan, dan kelemahan pada tubuh badan saya.

“Saya akan cuba mengelak  daripada mengambil makanan yang mengandungi banyak lemak dan makan makanan berkhasiat serta banyak makan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran.” Bak kata pepatah “mencegah lebih baik daripada merawat”gambar

Puan Nazira sedang memberi penerangan kesihatan  kepada pelanggannya










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Pengangguran Siswazah

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Makanan seimbang

SEMUA orang tahu kepentingan pemakanan seimbang tetapi perkara ini lebih mudah diucap daripadadiamalkan terutama di kalangan warga kota yang sibuk. Read the rest of this entry »

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aina slide

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